Rad’n up your summer BBQs with watermelon carvings!

melon art sculpture of skull

Rad Watermelon Skull

Do you feel like your summer parties are lacking?  Do your friends flake at the last minute?  Are there sighs of despair and looks of boredom?  Well do your parties have a gnarly center piece to do the talking when your shy a*s is too scared to make conversation?

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Dollar Bill Defacing; G-DUB is still the man

cowboy hat graffiti US dollar

George is a Cowboy

The guy that said G-DUB (George Washington) isn’t cool is dead wrong.

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Beyond Rad Rave Dancing

I think that we have found the 2010 America’s best dance crew champions!

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Where have I seen this Miles Fisher guy before?

Miles Fisher singer actor

Miles Fisher resembling Christian Bale and Tom Cruise

Christian Bale + Tom Cruise = Miles Fisher.  Hopefully Miles doesn’t have the crazy a* hole personality to match.  Which doesn’t seem likely based off these two amazingly legit vids.

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Ken Block’s 2009 Impreza WRX STI… I want one

Ken Block, the founder of DC Shoes and friend of C-list celebrity Rob Dyrdek*, didn’t go to Pimp My Ride for this 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX STI.  He actually had it built by Crawford Performance and they did a gnarly job.  I had to post this video because I can’t stop watching it.  It makes me want to do a quarter mile burnout to the gas station to buy a Monster energy drink and then break a light over my head.

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Meet Rick, the skull face tattoo guy

smoking in graveyard

Rick smokes in a graveyard.

There couldn’t be a more fitting first post on FNRAD.com than a skull face tattoo, so here we have it!  Why’s it so fitting?  Well simply because the beliefs behind a skull face tattoo parallel some of my ideas for this site:

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